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MBELLS Endowment

The mbells Recreational and Athletic Endowment was created in February 2004 for the Department of Athletics & Recreational Services by one of our outstanding alumni, Matthew Bells.  

The mbells endowment was established as an outlet to increase competitiveness, facilitate participation, and provide leadership experience. It may be used by all levels of sport: the club or recreational level, intramurals, varsity, and international competition.
In 2007, over $2600.00 was awarded to the sport clubs. Among some of the items purchased with this money have been competition equipment, race entry fees, sport safety equipment, and coaching certification courses.

The groups that qualify under the terms of agreement currently include Group A activities of archery, fencing, kendo, and martial-arts, and Group A1 activities of the fitness centre and exercise equipment. As this endowment fund grows larger each year, the scope of programs the department can support will increase significantly.

Applications are accepted on an annual basis by the last Friday in November.  Please download the application form on the right sidebar of this page. 

The following are suggested uses of the fund:

  1. For purchase or maintenance of equipment.
  2. For tournament entry fees or travel costs.
  3. For coaching, either by training student coaches or by paying for a coach.
  4. For special events, such as helping bring a famous athlete or a coach to the University of Waterloo to give a seminar.
  5. For improvements to facilities.
  6. Awards (eg. scholarships or bursaries). This may include non-varsity athletes, for example ones that compete in Commonwealth Games.
  7. For uniforms, banners, or non-essential materials.
  8. Other uses not mentioned.

Did you know that you can request to donate money to a specific endowment fund?  If you would like to help by contributing to the mbells endowment, please see the University of Waterloo's Donation site at